The most common reason to call a locksmith is because of a lockout from your car, home, or place of business. The word, “Lockout” sounds quite intimidating, especially when it is happening to you. Regardless of whether you are.

  • stranded alongside your vehicle because you’ve lost your keys, locked them inside, or broken off a key in the ignition or car door;
  • you are trying to gain access to your place of work;
  • or you are standing outside of your house without a key,


a lockout never seems to happen at a convenient or appropriate time. Maybe it’s not one of the most common scenarios of a lockout that you have found yourself in. Maybe you are locked out of your storage unit or have forgotten the combination to your safe.

Automotive Lockout Scenario

You can’t find your keys, or you locked your keys inside the car. Worse yet, your key broke off inside the door lock or ignition, or your keys are locked inside the car with the engine running. Maybe you even shut the door leaving behind a small child or pet. These are all emergency lockout situations. In a panic, you will probably begin to try to attempt to enter the vehicle on your own. Not only does this more often than not do nothing more than waste time, you also take the risk of damaging your vehicle with repairs needed that your insurance will not cover, adding to your expense while minutes tick away. A better option is to first call a qualified locksmith who will show up in no time and get you back inside your vehicle, retract your key if necessary, and make you a duplicate key on the spot without leaving any damage to your car.

Lockout - Colorado Springs LocksmithResidential Home Lockout Scenario

Your house keys are lost, or your door shut behind you leaving your keys locked inside. Regardless of the reason, you are now stranded outside your front door at your own home. Don’t worry! This is a very common situation that locksmiths handle on a daily basis. They understand your urgency to get back inside, to find your lost key, install a new lock, or re-key an existing one to ensure you are the only one who has access to the key that opens your home. Before you panic and attempt to break into your own house or pick a lock, calm down long enough to think straight and contact a nearby locksmith who will come to you and remedy your situation in a hurry.

Commercial Property Business or Office Lockout Scenario

You have lost your master key or electronic access card that allows you entry to work. Perhaps, the lock is worn and isn’t working properly, leaving you locked out. It doesn’t matter what the reason, the fact is that now you are trying to get inside your place of employment to work and are locked out. If your office has an on-call commercial locksmith, this is the one to call. If not, you will need the fast and reliable services of a commercial locksmith who will quickly get you inside. When the locksmith arrives, you will need to show proof of identification.

Preventing a Lockout from Happening

Of course, the best method of handling a lockout is preventing it from occurring in the first place or being prepared just in case. Some steps to take include:

  • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative
  • Hide a spare key in a location that is out of the sight of passersby and not in a typical “under-the-door-mat” obvious location.
  • Keep a spare key in your wallet
  • Avoid damaged, worn locks by keeping them properly maintained


While your first reaction will probably be panic and frustration, the best thing to do when you find yourself in the middle of a lockout is to call for help from a trustworthy mobile locksmith, skilled and ready to show up at your location in no time at all.

Home Locksmith Colorado Springs

A home locksmith Colorado Springs will be able to get you inside when you are locked outside. A qualified professional locksmith will also help you take the best steps to secure your surroundings. Your home needs to be a place where you feel safe and a place to be able to relax. When something happens to shake this sense of security, a home locksmith Colorado Springs is available to make sure your locks are re-keyed or changed so that they work well as a barrier between you and danger.

Professional Home Locksmith Colorado Springs (719) 694-5225

It’s your house, and you are the one who will be living with the locks, so be sure you select the right locks for your residential needs. Our technicians are on call to arrive in a timely manner. All our technicians are Home Locksmith Colorado Springs knowledgeable to answer any questions you might have about locks and key issues. As soon as you call, we will show up within a half hour ready to help.

A home locksmith will Colorado Springs also be able to walk around your home’s premises and point out trouble spots for potential break-ins to head off any trouble before it even happens. This professional will be able to provide you with quality locks on doors, windows, patio doors, garage doors and recommend the best deadbolts or key-less entry systems.

Some of the services a home locksmith Colorado Springs provides include a long list of services to cover every residential security and locks needs:
  • Emergency lockouts when you find you’ve lost your keys or for some other reason are unable to turn the lock to get inside, a home locksmith shows up on a call’s notice to get you through the doors of your home.
  • Garage doors locks – Sure the house is secure, but sometimes the most obvious point of entry is overlooked, the garage. Many burglars actually enter through an open garage where they are able to hide. Make sure your garage doors are closed and locked.
  • Patio doors locks – Sliding patio doors are among some of the easiest to break into. A home locksmith will make sure your sliding doors are secure.
  • Mailbox locks – Some neighborhoods and many condominium or apartment buildings have central mailboxes. Each individual mailbox has its own lock. When you move into a new place or your mailbox locks become weathered. A home locksmith will be able to help install or re-key. mailbox locks.
  • Window locks – One of the fastest and easiest ways a burglar enters a home is through an unlocked window. Be sure to fasten and secure windows with window locks.
  • Deadbolts – These bolts provide an extra protection when locking as they more difficult to kick in or pick.
  • Key less entry – More and more home owners are going key-less with digital locks. The benefits are endless, with one plus being that changing a key is as simple as changing a code.
  • Lock re-keying – Instead a complete locks change, often a locks re-keying is  more affordable.

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