The most common reason to call a locksmith is because of a lockout from your car, home, or place of business. The word, “Lockout” sounds quite intimidating, especially when it is happening to you. Regardless of whether you are.

  • stranded alongside your vehicle because you’ve lost your keys, locked them inside, or broken off a key in the ignition or car door;
  • you are trying to gain access to your place of work;
  • or you are standing outside of your house without a key,


a lockout never seems to happen at a convenient or appropriate time. Maybe it’s not one of the most common scenarios of a lockout that you have found yourself in. Maybe you are locked out of your storage unit or have forgotten the combination to your safe.

Automotive Lockout Scenario

You can’t find your keys, or you locked your keys inside the car. Worse yet, your key broke off inside the door lock or ignition, or your keys are locked inside the car with the engine running. Maybe you even shut the door leaving behind a small child or pet. These are all emergency lockout situations. In a panic, you will probably begin to try to attempt to enter the vehicle on your own. Not only does this more often than not do nothing more than waste time, you also take the risk of damaging your vehicle with repairs needed that your insurance will not cover, adding to your expense while minutes tick away. A better option is to first call a qualified locksmith who will show up in no time and get you back inside your vehicle, retract your key if necessary, and make you a duplicate key on the spot without leaving any damage to your car.

Lockout - Colorado Springs LocksmithResidential Home Lockout Scenario

Your house keys are lost, or your door shut behind you leaving your keys locked inside. Regardless of the reason, you are now stranded outside your front door at your own home. Don’t worry! This is a very common situation that locksmiths handle on a daily basis. They understand your urgency to get back inside, to find your lost key, install a new lock, or re-key an existing one to ensure you are the only one who has access to the key that opens your home. Before you panic and attempt to break into your own house or pick a lock, calm down long enough to think straight and contact a nearby locksmith who will come to you and remedy your situation in a hurry.

Commercial Property Business or Office Lockout Scenario

You have lost your master key or electronic access card that allows you entry to work. Perhaps, the lock is worn and isn’t working properly, leaving you locked out. It doesn’t matter what the reason, the fact is that now you are trying to get inside your place of employment to work and are locked out. If your office has an on-call commercial locksmith, this is the one to call. If not, you will need the fast and reliable services of a commercial locksmith who will quickly get you inside. When the locksmith arrives, you will need to show proof of identification.

Preventing a Lockout from Happening

Of course, the best method of handling a lockout is preventing it from occurring in the first place or being prepared just in case. Some steps to take include:

  • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative
  • Hide a spare key in a location that is out of the sight of passersby and not in a typical “under-the-door-mat” obvious location.
  • Keep a spare key in your wallet
  • Avoid damaged, worn locks by keeping them properly maintained


While your first reaction will probably be panic and frustration, the best thing to do when you find yourself in the middle of a lockout is to call for help from a trustworthy mobile locksmith, skilled and ready to show up at your location in no time at all.

Mobile Locksmith

Don’t panic! Sit tight, and stay right where you are knowing that a mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs area is on the way to help get you out of your locks or keys emergency situation.

What Is A Mobile Locksmith?

Let’s face it! When you need a locksmith in a hurry, it’s probably not at a convenient time or even a convenient location. You need help, and you need help fast! Mobile locksmiths are just as the name implies. They are locksmiths who are mobile as opposed to one who is on location, on staff, or requires appointments at their location to help. A mobile locksmith is a trained and ready professional locksmith who is equipped and ready to come to your location when you have a lock or key need and cannot spend time making an appointment to meet with a locksmith at the locksmith’s office.

Another benefit to a mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs is that they know the area, so they will easily be able to find your location when you call. We are local and will never send technicians out from a national call center who may or may not understand the locale.

Mobile locksmiths are nearby and ready to come to you when you need them, so you know that help will arrive in 30 minutes or less, anytime day or not and even on holidays.

Mobile Locksmith Colorado SpringsWhen you are locked out of your car or home, broken a key off in the ignition, lost your keys, need a re-keying service, or are stranded roadside, or need transponder keys programmed or car keys made on the spot, we come to you in and around the Colorado Springs area. We take the panic out of emergencies. Lock and key emergencies require the services of someone who can work on the lock, which means that even if it’s not an emergency situation, it would be very awkward and inconvenient to dismantle a door with a lock intact or get the vehicle to another location for service. That’s why mobile locksmiths come to you to provide the service you need right there on the spot.

Our Mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs is available 24 hours to come to you when you need a professional service. We provide:

  • Affordable unlocking services
  • Fast keys made on the spot
  • Quick lock changes
  • Fast locks re-key services
  • And more


Our professional locksmiths are on call anytime you need us, 24/7. Our staff of trusted locksmiths are dependable and affordable. We strive to build our business on trust and excellence. We provide our customers with fast, friendly service and trustworthy pricing upfront with no hidden costs.

Colorado Springs Locksmith send our mobile locksmiths to you fully stocked with the tools and fully trained with the know-how they need to get your job done fast and right the first time.

It’s time to call the best mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs. Call and discuss your locksmith needs now before you are in an emergency situation. Then, when you do find yourself in need of a mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs, you will know who to call.

Bump Key

A bump key is a special key that has been cut to work with the mechanics of pin tumbler locks. A bump key does not follow the proper key cutting that is designed to properly align with the key pins. Instead, it is cut with low peaks and wide valleys that are designed to force the pins through an impact, hence the name, “bump”.

They are used, sometimes in the hands of the wrong people, to pick a lock and gain entry. It is estimated that more than 95% of conventional home and business locks are vulnerable to being picked using a bump key.

Bump Key Can Damage Locks

Depending on the lock, how often a bump key has been used on the lock, and the amount of force applied, bump keys have been known to leave permanent damage to the lock.

Pin Tumbler Locks

Bump Key Colorado Springs Bump keys work with pin tumbler locks, so to understand exactly how a bump key works, you must first understand how a pin tumbler lock functions. Pin tumbler locks are made up of:

  • key pins
  • Driver pins
  • Located within the core and cylinder


The key pins and the driver pins are inside the same pin hole. They are pushed together by a spring to prevent the core from rotating.

Shear Lines

When you align the key pins and the driver pins to allow a separation between the two pins to align with the separation between the core and the housing, you create a shear line. The shear line allows the core, or plug, to rotate inside the cylinder.

When the properly cut key is inserted into the keyway, the key aligns the gaps between the pins with the edge of the lock core and pushes the pins into alignment along the shear line. This allows the core to be rotated and the bolt work to be retracted and unlocked. If you insert a key that has not been cut for that specific lock, the gap between the pins will not line up with the gap around the core, so the core will not rotate because the shear line has not been formed.

How Bump Keys Are Used

A bump key can be made using a key that already fits a specific lock, or some are even crafted by burglars in their home. Once made, the bump key is partially inserted into the lock so that one pin, or notch, stays between allowing full insertion of the key. With very little movement of the bump key, it is eventually fully inserted, relying on the spring tension of the pins to align the bump key. The person using the bump key then applies an impact force, referred to as a bump, to force the key deep into the lock. When this force is applied, the key pins jar, and the driver pins jump for a split second, aligning and creating a shear line. Once the shear line is established, the lock can be opened.

Is Lock Bumping the Same as Picking a Lock?

Lock picking requires patient skill that usually leave little or no damage to the lock. Bumping a lock, however, relies heavily on the actual bumping technique, that ultimately forces the lock open and can damage the lock in the process. Most professional locksmiths are equipped with the proper tools needed for opening a lock without leaving any damage to the locking mechanisms or the outer assembly of the lock.